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Welcome to Redmond Concrete Pros – We are the top concrete contractor in Redmond, Washington. We can deliver every concrete solution imaginable for your home and any space you have in mind. If you come to us, you will be reassured to get the best quality work from the best people around.

We are the experts on concrete solutions, and we are right here in your area. Our clients say if they ever needed to hire a concrete contractor that was professional and offered affordable services, they would come back to us every time. Give us a call to know how we can help you save and get what you need for your concrete needs.

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Cement truck pouring concrete into a formed driveway in Redmond, WAExpertise in the field of concrete construction only comes through time and experience, and we have completed our 10,000 hours to guarantee we excel at every job we are hired to do. The materials we use, the architects we work with, and our concrete building experts are exactly what you need to have peace of mind and companionship in our next build. Keep reading to know more about what we can offer.

What we bring to the table is skills mixed with a willingness to help our clients achieve their dream project, home addition, or home renovation. Contact us to request a free quote, and you will enjoy the professionalism and knowledge only we can provide.  Some people think expertise is being able to do everything, but it is more about knowing what you are great at and knowing when to branch out. And if we ever had to, we also have a team of partner contractors to work with that have also spent many years honing their craft and that are happy to contribute to delivering the excellence we promised you would get.

Redmond, Washington's Hometown Concrete Experts

Concrete Contractors Redmond, Washington, is your friendly neighborhood concrete expert. We know the area of Redmond, we take pride in offering services to everyone in our service area, and the best part is that we are close to your home! Look up our location, and if you still think it is not close enough, we can come to you.  We are specialized in everything concrete, so when you are thinking to pave your driveway, build a solid deck with concrete, add an extension to your home,  or any other home renovation where a concrete structure is a must, we are your premier concrete contractor, and we take great pride in being close to you.

Services from Redmond Concrete Pros

It is easy to choose us for your next home renovation or any of your concrete building needs since we offer foundation building, concrete driveways, concrete patio, decorative concrete, pool decks, hot tubs, and many more services. Call us, and we can give you more information on anything else you have in mind. The benefits of hiring a professional concrete contractor is that you can be calmed and know regardless of the service you hire us for will be done professionally and with the highest service standards. Home additions and renovations increase the value of your property and overall appeal as well. Read below for a detailed list of the services we provide so you can see what we can do for you.

Long concrete driveway with aggregate leading up to a modern home

Concrete Driveways Redmond, WA

Adding a driveway to your home brings many benefits, among them in the times of rain, you will not worry about muddy tires and shoes. It also improves the appeal of your property from the outside. A concrete driveway also lasts longer than one made of dirt, grass, or any other material, and it is also easier to repair. Your home's curb appeal will increase with the addition of a concrete driveway. Contact Concrete Website in Redmond, Washington, to know more about how we can help.

Luxury home with a large concrete patio and a twelve foot by twelve foot extension with thirty six 24 inch x 24 inch concrete squares

Concrete Patios Redmond, WA

If you have a patio that you have always wanted to make more use of, adding a concrete slab will increase the square footage of your property. In addition to that, you will have a space that can be used to entertain guests in the summer or year round, depending on your entertainment needs. We normally spend most of our time indoors, but with a concrete addition in your patio, your outdoor living will be a tangible possibility. Check our portfolio to see what we have in storage for you.

Custom stamped concrete walkway for home in Redmond. Redmond Concrete Pros

Concrete Sidewalks & Walkways Redmond, WA

If you are looking to add, update, or repair your sidewalk or create a stunning walkway to your home or business. Look no further Redmond Concrete Pros is your expert concrete sidewalk and walkway contractors. Let us transform and customize your walkway with one of our stamped patterns. Set yourself apart from your neighbors and get your custom concrete sidewalks and walkways installed by the best concrete company in Redmond, WA.

Large concrete foundation for a home in Redmond, WA

Concrete Foundations Redmond, WA

The quality of your concrete foundation is crucial because any other structure you build above will be cemented on this foundation. You also need to consider the terrain in which you are building, the weather in the area, and any other existing structure. We possess the team and the know-how to build a slab, pad, or footing that you can build on or just use to expand an area. Choose us for your foundation build and sit back, knowing you are in the best hands.

Nice custom stamped concrete walkway from Redmond Concrete Pros

Stamped Concrete Redmond, WA

Nothing transforms a space more than adding decorative concrete. It is an unexpected form of home improvement that goes a long way to change the appeal of a place. You can customize the look and feel of your concrete and choose one of our stamped designs or stained finishes. Regardless of which one you choose, you will not regret it, and your guests will compliment your home.

Contractor using finishing trowel to smooth out a new concrete sidewalk

More Services Redmond Concrete Pros

There is a lot more to using concrete for your building and renovation needs than foundations, slabs, driveways, and concrete walls. If you have a hot tub having a nice concrete base for it with proper tubing makes it nicer and more appealing. This applies too if you have a pool area; adding a deck turns it into a separate entertaining area and gives it more elegance.  Also, if you are a bit of a nomad and you have a motorhome, it is best kept in a proper parking area where it will be safe and will not damage the esthetic of the rest of your home, and a concrete slab can give you just that.


What people say?

When we decided to expand our patio, we went to several contractors, but once we spoke to the guys over at Redmond Concrete Pros, Washington, we didn't need to look no further. They were attentive, experienced, and guided us to make the correct choices for what we wanted.
Jason D
Concrete Patio
Nowadays it is not easy to find a decent concrete contractor, they always have something wrong about them, but after I hired Redmond Concrete Pros for a Concrete Driveway, I learned not everyone is the same. They delivered, always communicated well, and worked with the timeline I needed, no setbacks
Jessica R
Concrete Driveway
Every year in the fall and winter with the rain and snow, things got pretty hectic to come in and out of the house. We needed a new concrete walkway. We contacted Redmond Concrete Pros, they came, worked fast, saved us a ton of money, and now we are free to move regardless of the weather.
Rich V
Concrete Walkway

We love helping our neighbors?

Besides serving our local Redmond home and business owners.  Our team is equipped and skilled to cover our neighboring cities.  Below you will find a list of the cities that we serve.   We also provide a list of some popular search terms for concrete.  These terms will help make finding the right concrete contractor easier for you. 

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Issaquah, WA

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